2 MAN POST HOLE BORER AND BIT(275-350mm)$130.00 Day hire / $104.00 Four hour hire

2 man post hole borer drilling holes in soil for fences post or retaining walls. 280-350mm drill bit excludes gas charge

General safety


The user is responsible for avoiding injury to third parties or damage to their property.


Before drilling, make sure there are no buried power cables or supply pipes in the work area (e.g. for gas, water, electricity):


Contact your local utility company–for information on cable and pipe locations.


Where necessary, confirm actual–location with cable detectors and/or by carefully dug trenches.



Clothing and Equipment

  • Wear proper protective clothing and equipment.

  • Clothing must be sturdy but allow complete freedom of movement. Wear snug-fitting clothing, an overall and jacket combi -nation, do not wear a work coat.

  • Avoid clothing that could get caught on branches or brush or moving parts of the machine. Do not wear a scarf, necktie or jewellery.

  • Tie up and confine longhair (e.g. with a hair net, cap, hard hat, etc.).

  • Wear steel-toed safety boots with non-slip soles.

  • Wear safety glasses or other suitable eye protection. Wear hearing protection, e.g. earplugs or ear muffs.

  • Wear a safety hard hat where there is a danger of head injuries from falling objects. Wear heavy-duty work gloves made of durable material (e.g. leather).


Starting the Engine

  • Start the engine at least 3 meters from the fuelling spot, outdoors only.

  • Do not start the engine with the auger in the spindle.

  • The machine must be operated by 2 persons and may be started only when it is held steady by the operating crew.

  • Do not allow other persons in the work area – even when starting.

  • Note that the drilling spindle continues to rotate for a short period after you let go of the throttle trigger (flywheel effect).

  • Place the unit on level ground, make sure you have secure footing, hold the unit securely.

  • Check idle speed setting: The drilling tool must not rotate when the engine is idling with the throttle lever released.

  • To reduce the risk of fire, keep hot exhaust gases and hot muffler away from easily combustible materials (e.g. wood chips, bark, dry grass, fuel).










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